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2014 – Year of Women Social Entrepreneurs



The International Women’s Day is quickly approaching and it seems kind of obvious to post something related to it on the blog… I would like to dedicate this post to the subject of women and social entrepreneurship, starting to highlight that Woman2Woman Networking has chosen ‘Women and Social Entrepreneurship’ as the theme of this year. ‘Year’, exactly, because women’s advancement and empowerment cannot be achieved in a single day only, contrariwise it requires a constant effort in the form of advocacy work and training of women and men around the planet.
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Women entrepreneurs, example not exception


My Body is a Canvas, Not a Target


capa do event(mybodyisacanvas)Awareness raising campaign (12-22 November)

Did you know that “up to 70% of women experience violence in their lifetime”?

Woman 2 Woman Networking together with CEIPES and Voices of Woman Media are promoting an awareness raising campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th November 2013.

The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the wide variety and types of violence that affect women and transwomen world-wide and the several shapes it takes, such as: gender pay GAP (unequal wages), sex based discrimination (access to health care, access to job, etc.), racism, sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, human trafficking, stalking, honour killing, and many more.

The campaign is addressed to everybody without distinction so,

JOIN US and shoot your idea!

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Women’s empowerment through technology


Voices of Women Media’ is a non-profit organisation based in The Netherlands which main aim is to empower women from marginalised communities through the use of video and new technologies.
This type of technology is a self-expression tool and represents the possibility to develop new capacities. Furthermore it is a powerful advocacy tool which can raise awareness and enhance civil society’s knowledge on social and human issues. I invite you to see this video made by a woman who was trapped in the net of prostitution:

Responding to sexist jokes


ImageCouple of weeks ago a friend brough to the group ‘Woman 2 Woman Networking’ the following situation, related with sexist and misogynistic jokes:

“Joined a wonderful dance club recently and the only thing bugging me were couple of male member’s jokes that I found extremely disrespectful towards women. Today during the break approached an empty chair and asked: ‘Is this free?’
‘Sure if you can handle our humor’
Me: ‘Well, I’ve been actually wondering whether I can continue in this dance club because of the type of it. I find it quite difficult to support’
Him: ‘You better get used to it. You cannot change the club’
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