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Poverty: The crack in the system


Keep-working-poverty-cartoonOn this Saturday morning I was planning to sit in this nice coffee place in Mariatorget, my favourite neighbourhood in Stockholm, and concentrate on reading my book in front of a good coffee. Yet something on my way here awoke in me the need and desire to write on a subject that since many weeks has been in my mind and in my heart: poverty.

It was actually my arrival to Stockholm that more and more pushed me to write about this subject. Having arrived from Holland, where I lived with the feeling that poverty was not part of human reality, I was again confronted with its existence since the very first moment in Stockholm. Read the rest of this entry


Hey! Mother! Where are you?


dialogue“The first months after our arrival in Switzerland every morning I used to came across a mother with her kids. Our children attended the same school and although for many weeks we saw each other at several events our relationship never went further than a greeting.

At that time I was looking for new friends like a hunger wolf and I couldn’t explain myself why she was being so distant. But soon the moment of truth arrived. One day due to a teachers’ delay we were obliged to have a little talk and terrified she asked me:

Tell me… your… wife, does she work?

When I told her that I didn’t have a wife but a husband she almost hugged me:

Oh! Really? My God, I feel so relieved!
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