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Learning to be a social entrepreneur


postitsIn the last few years in Europe social entrepreneurship has became more and more of a trend. It is as if to become a social entrepreneur would be the magic solution to the lack of employment and job opportunities that affects European society and especially young people today. Very close to the idea of ‘self-made man/woman’, but with the added value that social entrepreneurship brings a desirable social impact. In this sense social entrepreneurs become economically independent and contribute to solve a social need in their community. Read the rest of this entry


2014 – Year of Women Social Entrepreneurs



The International Women’s Day is quickly approaching and it seems kind of obvious to post something related to it on the blog… I would like to dedicate this post to the subject of women and social entrepreneurship, starting to highlight that Woman2Woman Networking has chosen ‘Women and Social Entrepreneurship’ as the theme of this year. ‘Year’, exactly, because women’s advancement and empowerment cannot be achieved in a single day only, contrariwise it requires a constant effort in the form of advocacy work and training of women and men around the planet.
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