feministMy understanding of feminism is influenced to a great extent by bell hooks, an Afro-American writer and activist with brilliant and meaningful reflections on feminism and oppression. I believe feminism is a political attitude to end oppression and domination associated to a mostly white, patriarchal and capitalistic society.

In this view of feminism women, as well as men and many other groups in society are victims of a set of values based on supremacy of one culture over others, dominant relations (at all levels) in which the so deemed ‘stronger’ part oppresses and exploits the ‘weaker’ part, competition, death and destruction, over valorisation of money and exploitative economy, one way development, among other.

I believe feminism is important because it frames a vision of change and positive transformation guided by human rights for all, envisioning a world where women as well as men are free to express and to be themselves. At the same time, as feminism struggles to end domination and oppression, and to build loving communities where cooperation and reciprocity are the guiding values, it is relevant to many other groups in society, namely all those subordinated to a oppressive enriched minority.