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An analysis of power dynamics at work


power and languageWith this post I want to open a reflection and a conversation, among other on issues of power and language in the working context. I will do so by analysing a real situation where I was directly involved. Hopefully this analysis will boost awareness-raising contributing to workers’ empowerment and eventually to build up efficient bottom-up protection mechanisms.

Just some days ago I received an email from the chief coordinator of a project I recently got involved in. This person wrote me to say that my performance was not what the coordinating team expected and needed and therefore my services were no longer needed. Read the rest of this entry




Last Tuesday I went with some friends to watch a documentary about fracking in the United States and the effect it has in human life and natural ecosystems, namely in water. The documentary title is ‘Unearthed’ and the director is Jolynn Minnaar, a South African storyteller and activist for people’s rights.
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Storytelling for peace in the MENA region


Storytelling1Once upon a time there was, in a faraway land, an encounter of young storytellers all inspired by bringing peace into their communities. And suddenly you realise that storytelling is essential to life and that we are all storytellers and at the same time real characters of many different stories. And what is really interesting and worth to look at is the content of these stories, the identities they create, the values attached to them, and to different characters and situations. What are the stories (narratives) told about your identities? What are the stories you tell about? Have you realised the possible impact of them on yourself and other people? Read the rest of this entry