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The body in the classroom


body and slaveryI was recently confronted with a thought that had actually never crossed my mind, or at least not in this exact way. The question regards the place of the body in the context of the classroom.

Where is the body when students and teachers / professors enter the classroom?

As I write many ideas cross my mind… For instance the realisation that this disconnection between the body and the mind is strongly related to many other facets of learning and the biggest the separation between the body and the other dimensions of being, leaving it outside the learning spaces we have created for our young people, the biggest the shortcomings in education. Read the rest of this entry


On the art of belonging


belongingA powerful and courageous book telling old and yet actual stories about the art of belonging and caring for each other and the Mother Earth.

In her usual wholehearted tone bell hooks guides the reader through a series of real life experiences and meaningful reflections about race, identity, oppression, nature, old wisdom-values and oppositional culture.

Returning (or finding) home is a process that can last long years, even a lifetime. Hooks describes her own pathway back home, offering a profound vision of where is home and what it means to belong to a place and to a community.
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Where is home?


where is home1My favourite writer, bell hooks, and one of my friends, both say that it is in the particular that we may find the universal. This idea encouraged me to continue to sharing my personal life challenges and my thoughts in the hope that they may resonate to someone, and therefore create the warm feeling of humanising what apparently seems to be a odd event or feeling in one single person’s life.

In the last weeks I drafted some thoughts on the idea of ‘belonging’ and ‘home’ that I have discarded as I felt they were perhaps confusing and not relevant. Yet this rainy morning I woke up with the urge to share them, to write again about home and belonging. Read the rest of this entry

On Love: The value of love


price_vs_value_love_comicIn the third part of this series of posts about Love I thought to address the subject of the ‘value of love’.

When we talk about the value of things we talk about the amount they worth (money wise), the degree of importance and usefulness they have, and their special characteristics. The value of things is attached to the context where they exist and are therefore evaluated. People and society create value, value is a construction and the value of things changes over time.
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Poverty: The crack in the system


Keep-working-poverty-cartoonOn this Saturday morning I was planning to sit in this nice coffee place in Mariatorget, my favourite neighbourhood in Stockholm, and concentrate on reading my book in front of a good coffee. Yet something on my way here awoke in me the need and desire to write on a subject that since many weeks has been in my mind and in my heart: poverty.

It was actually my arrival to Stockholm that more and more pushed me to write about this subject. Having arrived from Holland, where I lived with the feeling that poverty was not part of human reality, I was again confronted with its existence since the very first moment in Stockholm. Read the rest of this entry