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On Love: Self-love


Everyday-Self-Love-ImageI have been wondering on what my next post would be. Life has been offering me so many experiences and food for thought that is actually difficult to choose what are the most important or interesting reflections to share. Then I realised that there is a red thread that is actually common to all the situations I had in mind: Love.

Seems a bit of a cliché subject or perhaps even démodé. Who cares about love nowadays, when the main values uplifted by patriarchal-capitalist culture are linked to power abuse (exploitation of the ‘weakest’), money, violence and competition? There is no place for love indeed… Anyway I decided to run a risk, hopeful in finding likeminded readers, or not so much, but that will, who knows, at least give a thought to Love.

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Photoshop beauty standards: Say NO to Barbie look!


This morning I have found this video about the way beauty standards are Photoshop created. Should Photoshop developers have any copyrights for all the beauty they have been creating up to now?! Or perhaps it is time to acknowledge that beauty standards are cultural relative and very personal too?
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