Lifestyle entrepreneurship: What’s in it for me?


self expressionLifestyle entrepreneurship, an interesting name for an innovative approach to entrepreneurship. Or at least innovative in the sense that is still not common to meet people who have decided to do it that way.

Entrepreneurship has many expressions, and different people become entrepreneurs for different reasons. Nowadays it is more and more common to meet people who started entrepreneurial paths in search of opportunities for self-expression and to be able to work in their passion. Therefore, while passion is not yet (and unfortunately) a goal to pursue when young people choose their career path, more and more young adults and adults search for ways to live their passion also at a professional level, this way bridging the gap between personal and professional life. Not in the sense that both spheres are mixed up, while it could also be the case, but more in the sense that who a person is and what he/she loves become a way of living and earning an income.

Lifestyle entrepreneurship is then a path towards self-fulfilment and personal and professional realisation. It is more than a product or a service, it is ‘your’ product or service, based on ‘your’ values and reflecting ‘your’ character, ideas and vision of life.

On the other hand it is also built in a way that ensures the entrepreneur has more power and control over her or his life. Meaning that, as Robert Schäfer* put it in the workshop of yesterday, “business is developed around personal life” and not the other way around. This is a great step forward in the way professional life is conceived nowadays and since the industrial revolution. Not only because it brings people in closer connection to themselves and their work, but also because what is personal is more important, or at least equally important, as all that regards the professional sphere. Being able to define a personal working style is a great achievement and is also more human because it makes it possible to define working hours that correspond to one’s needs, it allows space for creative and reflection, not to mention it enables to bring personal well-being into our life, without sense of guilt and stress.

So, if you’re not satisfied with your work, if your passion has became your hobby, if you are searching for a path to self-expression, perhaps the time has came for you to think of becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur! Bear in mind though that it is not an easy path, but who said good things are the easy ones?

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of effort, energy, motivation and resistance to frustration, as well as the ability to accept failure and see it as a stepping-stone towards success. And of course, it is a good idea to find someone who share your passion and who can share this adventure with you too!

* Robert Schäfer is the founder of the mnm institute in Australia and has been to the CoworkLisboa to run a workshop on lifestyle entrepreneurship.


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