Travelling around…and return!


monte circeo1The magic of travelling…

What is in between two flights that carry a body from one landscape to another and back? What happens in that space-time that has a meaningful impact in the life of this person, in his or her soul? What is now filling in the backpack before full of expectations, desires and concerns?

Italy received me with arms wide open, full of warmness, not to mention the fantastic food! I recall now with joy the various places I have been to, all the new friends I have made and the old friends I have met. I feel enriched with the conversations I had, the parts of me I have shared and all the new discoveries about myself, people and life. I feel renewed by the new experiences and things I have done, full of energy and ready to be back.

Three weeks have passed in between this moment and that day in Lisbon when I wrote the last post. With modern means of transportation like airplanes the body travel faster than the soul, making it somehow difficult to keep the same pace and to be whole for some hours and even days. For this reason and despite the fact my body is now in Madrid waiting for the connection flight which will take me to my motherland, my soul and my mind are still somewhere else. Perhaps in all the places I have been to, and more certainly in the immaterial world made of encounters, stories, feelings and insights that remain from that period of time.

Three weeks is a long time and I am quite happy to be back to my motherland, to my beloved ones and to my language. It is a great feeling after a long travel to have a place where to be back that we can call ‘Home’. It is this place called ‘Home’ that will embrace the ‘new’ person I am and it will be this place that will make me realise the changes and transformations I have been through.

I am convinced that all travels have this magic effect of transforming us in ‘new’ persons, through the gift of living new experiences, meeting new people and inhabiting new spaces which impact on us and our way of being and understanding life and the world.


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  1. So from now on, dearest Ana, you are going to be based in Portugal? Do you use an email account? I would love to send you some photo shots from our sustainable, holistic, peaceful, spiritual, solidarity initiative in Southern Greece…’Korogonas Ark’…Let me know. Love and appreciation always, m.a.a.

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