At the zoo: Insights on men’s worldview


maxresdefaultThis afternoon I was working in a nice terrace on the rooftop of a shopping mall in Lisbon. The sun was shining, a mild wind was blowing, life was good… and two guys arrived and sit just next to my table…

It was hard not to listen to their conversation, not only because the content was so engaging, but also because the tables were at that social desirable distance we are used to in southern countries, enough close to enable a possible interaction if that will be the case.

Anyway, I was quietly listening to their conversation as they were talking about the presumably half broken relationship of one of them. The ‘presumably half broken relationship guy’ was saying that he knew he could handle the break up, as he was quite an independent man, though he was not sure if the girlfriend would manage equally well… At this point his friend reminded him about the possibility that perhaps it would not be so easy for him to cope with this break up because March was already here…

At this point I could not avoid smiling and to wonder if what really matters to men is only sex. Is this the main difficulty of a break up, really? I wish I had a man’s brain then, to figure out my love life with a dick in my head and in my heart. It would make life much easier I presume.

And the conversation didn’t stop here… The same guy who wisely reminded his friend about the fact that this was perhaps not the best season to break up continued with a story that provided some evidence to sustain his theory. So he was telling that earlier that weekend he went for a drink to a bar that, in his words, looked like a zoo… I found very interesting, not to say relevant, this analogy with animals, to highlight the sexual nature of social interactions in a bar. Very appropriate indeed.

The zoo analogy was the high point and therefore I decided I had learnt enough from this guy and I put my headphones on. They continued with the conversation and I am quite sure I would have learnt much more about men’s world and their worldview if I had just continued to listen. I would have certainly acquired deep and relevant knowledge about the best way to fuck on a Saturday night or when is the best season to break up…


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