Did you say opportunity maker?!


we2I watched yesterday this interesting TED talk – Kare Anderson, Be an opportunity maker – and I said to myself that it would be a good kick-off for this new blogging season.

I don’t want to disclosed a lot about it and just to highlight what to me was a very important point: the need for diversity if we want creativity and growth to thrive. Looking for more ‘we’ situations, for cooperation and partnership instead of competition. To believe it is possible to create opportunities from within individual agency, and especially working in cooperation and looking towards a common vision.

It also reminds me that in the 2015 season the subjects of the blog posts will be broader and address other subjects that not only gender. The main reason for this is the possibility of connecting the blog to my social enterprise ‘Education to Freedom’ and actually write about subjects related to the trainings I will be working on. Certainly gender will be amongst them, but also other subjects related to education, personal-development, dialogue, amongst other.

On the other hand I also feel the urge to share about my personal experiences and to turning them useful to other people. Namely the experience of creating a new social enterprise in a foreign country and all that relates to it.

These are the novelties that this new blogging season brings with it!

And what about you, what are the opportunities you want to create for yourself and those around you in this new year that has just started?


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