White Ribbon Campaign


Schermata 2014-01-10 alle 22.23.46Woman2Woman Networking (W2WN) endorses the White Ribbon Campaign which has been launched in November 2013 by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). Although the campaign is specially addressed to men W2WN encourages all people to share this message and to sign the pledge (see further in the article).

“Violence against women is a sad and shameful reality happening in all the societies of the European Union and across the globe. Although it is rooted in gender inequalities, it also exists because we, as a society and individuals, far too often let it continue un-noticed.

This must change.

Studies conducted by EIGE show that there is much work to be done at the institutional level, but also at the level of the individual. Men at EIGE have joined the White Ribbon Campaign and they invite you to do the same.

White Ribbon Campaign is the world’s biggest campaign engaging men in fighting violence against women. Men wearing the white ribbon declare that they will never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. They also promise to raise the issue of violence against women and to work within whichever means possible towards ending it.

Say no to violence and sign the pledge of the White Ribbon.”

The text of the campaign has been copied from the page: http://eige.europa.eu/content/white-ribbon


About Ana Rodrigues Afonso

I am a woman with a strong creative drive and I engage in foundation processes with my whole heart, head and hands. I am passionate about women’s empowerment, spiritual and self-development, and non-formal education. I work as a freelance trainer and consultant. My main fields of expertise are women’s empowerment, leadership, self-development and love. Linkedin: https://pt.linkedin.com/in/anarodriguesafonso

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