Photoshop beauty standards: Say NO to Barbie look!


This morning I have found this video about the way beauty standards are Photoshop created. Should Photoshop developers have any copyrights for all the beauty they have been creating up to now?! Or perhaps it is time to acknowledge that beauty standards are cultural relative and very personal too?

The main point of interest of these issues, which are not new or even surprising for many of us, is to use them to enhance personal awareness and worth, by acknowledging personal beauty attributes, instead of keep looking for external standards to follow and reproduce. Furthermore it is totally unrealistic to continue following beauty ideals that, as the video clearly shows, are inexistent and inhuman due to the lack of common human features such as pores, skin imperfections, asymmetrical traits, etc.

The call for action at the end of the video, set out by, is about signing a petition for compulsory ‘disclaimer for airbrushed models’. Despite this sounding great, I would say that beforehand models should take a stand and say NO to this type of situation, by refusing to have their bodies transformed and perfected. I wonder how does it feel to be Photoshop improved… Doesn’t is send an underlying message of not being good enough? Message which is whispered to all women and men in a very subtle way (in the sake of money obviously: buy this face cream and your skin will look better, eventually without pores, do this massage and your body will become thinner, and so on).

All of us who care about these issues must share and talk about them, raising awareness in women and men, and helping to create new beauty values that take into account interpersonal diversity and tastes.

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About Ana Rodrigues Afonso

I am a woman with a strong creative drive and I engage in foundation processes with my whole heart, head and hands. I am passionate about women’s empowerment, spiritual and self-development, and non-formal education. I work as a freelance trainer and consultant. My main fields of expertise are women’s empowerment, leadership, self-development and love. Linkedin:

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