Blog ‘Woman 2 Woman Networking’


The blog ‘Woman 2 Woman Networking’ is now active and can be found online on the page

‘Woman 2 Woman Networking’ was born in the framework of a European Grundtvig workshop held in Palermo last July. The workshop, coordinated by an international NGO named CEIPES (, convened twenty-one women from more than ten European countries and its main goal was to promote self-development and empowerment for women.

One of the main outcomes of the workshop was the ‘Woman 2 Woman Networking’ the main aim of which is “to promote women’s personal development and empowerment contributing to their full participation at all levels of life and society and in this way foster gender equality and fight gender based discrimination and violence. At the same time and as a complementary and fundamental part of our work we also aim to boost men’s awareness of masculinity and the role of patriarchal system in the creation and maintenance of gender and other inequalities.”

The network has an informal status and its main tool is the blog and the associated Facebook page (Woman2Woman Networking). The blog is meant to become a tool of sharing and learning together and soon complaint system will be created where women can report problems and issues related to discrimination. For instance a woman can share her difficulties during a job interview given to her being a woman and ask for advice on how to deal with such kind of situation. Otherwise a woman can call out for ideas on how to react to sexism and misogynistic comments. The complaints will be analysed and posted online so that other users can reply and comment, creating in this way a network of active people who empower each other by sharing ideas and knowledge.

Another feature of the blog and Facebook page is that users can send articles and audio-visual materials to be posted online, always after critical revision from the blog managers. Finally the blog will be the platform to launch advocacy campaigns on women and gender related issues. The first advocacy event is expected to take place the 25th of November, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. All those interested in joining can follow the latest updates on Facebook or directly on the blog. Article by Ana Afonso


About Ana Rodrigues Afonso

I am a woman with a strong creative drive and I engage in foundation processes with my whole heart, head and hands. I am passionate about women’s empowerment, spiritual and self-development, and non-formal education. I work as a freelance trainer and consultant. My main fields of expertise are women’s empowerment, leadership, self-development and love. Linkedin:

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